Hi, I’m Maureen.  After spending my whole life in the never-ending hustle and bustle of the bigger cities, I’ve left it all for a more quiet (and quirky) life here in Richmond, VA.   I’m learning to enjoy a slower pace of life and, together with my sister and my pup – that’s her in the picture – I’m letting go of the angst and stress of the modern day hectic life.  Trying to at least.

Things to know about me…I’m a bit of a nomad.  Born and raised in the Midwest (hellllo common sense), I spent my post-college years in the sunny craziness of L.A. so sometimes I’m completely practical and other times…well, I make no sense.  I can’t cook but boy do I love to try, road trips to me are what spa days are to everyone else, Stella my puppy will always be referred to as a puppy no matter how old she gets, and I want to own chickens some day.  That last one is a humdinger and I have no idea if that will ever happen but a girl can dream, can’t she?

So now it’s all about family, friends, fixing up a 100 yr-old row house, trips to off-the-beaten path places and enjoying the midlife…all while maintaining my 9-5 job of course.  🙂