This weekend the weather gods smiled upon the mid-Atlantic region and delivered two gorgeous low 80-degree days with minimal humidity.  This is rare, folks.  Knowing this, we made the most of the opportunity and took a daytrip out to Charlottesville.  I’ve heard so many great things about it – the cute shops, the artsy atmosphere, the beautiful campus of UVA.  And they were so right.

The downtown main street is a pedestrian mall so it was really nice to meander along the street crisscrossing from one shop to another across the way.  What really sealed the deal were the big beautiful trees planted in the middle.  Cafes were set up underneath them and made it feel so intimate and relaxing.  It made you just want to plop down at a table in their shade and watch the people walking by.

But the best part of the area were the bookstores.  I was on cloud nine.  In a brief stroll down the street, I came upon four bookstores. Who knows how many still were further down which we didn’t get to!  I confess, I love love love bookstores, especially the small, cozy ones with real mahogany wood shelves, and rows & piles of paperbacks and hardcovers and coffee table books.

And the smell of bookstores…well, they lure me inside the store similar to what chocolate stores do to me (which the Kilwin’s Chocolate & Ice Cream store across from New Dominion Bookshop did this afternoon!).

Seriously, how can I resist this window?



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