Well now, this is a first.  There was a snake in the parking garage for work this morning.  Ha, I guess I can honestly say I know I’m not in Chicago anymore!

Weird thing still, it was discovered on the 3rd level of the structure so I don’t quite understand how it slithered all the way up there undetected.  And how long do you suppose it took him to slip and slink up all the ramps, around and around and around?  Did he start this journey weeks ago?  Or maybe snakes move really fast.  Maybe he found a shortcut somewhere, like a vent or piping.

Weirder still, this is downtown Richmond.  How, why, is there a snake in the middle of a concrete jungle?  I know Richmond isn’t big like New York or L.A., but I truly didn’t think a snake could survive little vegetation, endless concrete, and people and cars everywhere.

Clearly, I know nothing about these reptiles – this was the first one I’ve ever seen up close – so I have no idea how deadly or harmless he/she was but I was not about to hang around to find out.  The garage security guards were standing nearby so I made haste out of there.  They had already called whomever they call to resolve these odd parking garage issues and were making sure the snake didn’t bite anyone.

Secretly I like to believe they were also making sure the thing didn’t get run over too.



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