I just finished reading this book.  Well, not exactly.  I got halfway through it and did what I always do.  I turned to the end to find out how it ended.

LOL, yes I’m aware George Washington, our founding father, is no longer alive.  But I wanted to know how he died.  Did he grow old? Did he have kids? Who’d he leave his estate to?  Is anything left of his estate in today’s world? If so, can I go see it? What about Martha – what happened to her?  So many questions!   And so little recall of what I learned back in grammar school.

It was really, really interesting and I strongly recommend it.  I’ve always been fascinated by entrepreneurs and how they have such vision and passion.  Kudos Mr. Washington for being a visionary not just for your own gain but applying that to our country as well.

What made this book really great was that I actually had time to read it.  Stepping away from the rat race and growing older isn’t that bad after all…



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