I spent this past weekend in Southern Cal visiting my cousins.  This is what I saw when I checked the weather app the week beforehand.

Holy smokes!

It turns out, where they live – up in the high desert – is very windy so the breeze kept temps in the upper 80’s.  (Big phew).  The area even has vineyards which I never expected.  Here we are…wine tasting in the desert foothills, a blue sky above us, green grape vines growing abundantly, and a super good Viognier to sip.

On the last day, we decided to hang out in L.A. at the Santa Monica pier and walk along the strand in Venice Beach.

It’s been a couple of years since I moved away from here and this was my first visit back. Wow, I feel old. Ha!  I didn’t realize how young L.A. is.  I guess I was young then too so I fit in.  But not anymore!

Some punk on a electronic scooter which is all the rage there right now called us ‘chardonnay moms’ randomly as he whizzed past us at a dangerously high speed.  LOL, I think he meant it as a put-down but since we had to look it up to figure out what it meant, it kinda was fell flat.  (Thank you urbandictionary.com btw)

Guess I’m out of touch with this scene already.  But that’s ok.  Moving to a smaller city was one of the smartest decisions I ever made.  Four full seasons (hello again Spring & Fall), shorter commuting time, less emphasis on the go-go-go pace of life, genuinely nice people, and just an overall slowing down was totally worth it.

Ahhhh, I think I’m going to go inside now and have a nice tall glass of sweet tea to cool off from this heat. 



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