This past weekend the temps reached 80+ degrees here in Richmond.  We totally lucked out as I know the rest of the country was dealing with tornado warnings or blizzard conditions.   I don’t know about you, but early warm weather days always make me antsy for summer to come quickly. I start feeling all sorts of spring ‘n summer all over and I immediately want to grow something.  Flowers, plants, shrubs, vegetables, anything.  I’m giddy when planting season begins.

However, I’m living in cramped quarters these days so an outdoor garden is completely out of the question.   Aha, mason jars to the rescue!  A full vegetable garden will have to wait until the house renovation is complete (sigh)  but I think I can manage to grow something edible like herbs.

So I dug out a couple of mason jars that have been sitting in a cabinet.  It’s a great way to re-purpose them AND have some summer herbs at easy disposal.   I piled a few rocks at the bottom of the jars to help with drainage.

Threw in some good potting soil and seeds…

Added in one curious puppy nose…

And ta-da!  Homegrown herbs for folks who are on-the-go, without a yard, or simply want them a little closer at hand in the kitchen.

Grow little babies, grow.



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