How would you like to have this as a neighbor?   Pretty Interesting, huh?  Actually, it’s for sale so you could live here if you wanted to….

I don’t know but the Mother Goose nursery rhyme about the old woman living in a shoe keeps popping into my head when I think about someone living it this.

On our move from Chicago down to Charlotte last year, we came by way of Greensboro, NC and this was a roadside attraction I definitely wanted to see.  It’s a 36-foot tall chest of drawers in High Point, just outside Greensboro.  While this is known for being the world’s largest chest of drawers, there is a taller one not far from here that is over 80-feet tall.  However, that one is attached to a furniture store.  This one is free standing.  And this one can also be your house.  😉




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