Here’s what I thought when I saw this – horror, panic, sadness, shock.  And here’s what I said when I saw this – AAAHHH! Oh you’re so gonna regret this babes, but it’s your toy.

Pink Gorilla was Stella’s favorite toy.  She loves, loves, loves squeaky toys (did I stress enough how much she loves squeakers?).  But if she pops the squeaker, it’s tossed aside.   If she rips a hole in it to get the squeaker, I toss it aside (and confiscate the plastic squeaker before she eats it which she tries to do).

An example of her track record:

But, yet, she never attacked Pink Gorilla the same way she did other toys.  And so Pink Gorilla became the toy we traveled with.  When we’d take road trips, Pink Gorilla came with.  When I traveled for work, Pink Gorilla went with her to boarding.  It was the first toy she played with in the morning (oh, how the neighbors loved hearing squeaking at 5:45am in the morning).  It was the first toy she pounced on when she’d come home from daycare.

I think this is pretty common too, right?  Does anyone else’s pet/child have, like, the ultimate, favorite, will-never-part-with-it toy like this?

I confess, when she started ripping him and I realized he was about to go to the Great Squeaky Toy Heaven in the sky, I wanted to take it away from her.  I mean, I’m her mom.  I know better.  She’s going to regret this (she did).

Then I remembered that it’s her toy.  If she decided his time was up, well then, so be it.  Sigh.

So, R.I.P. Pink Gorilla.  We don’t know what to do without you.  Guess I’m off to the pet store to find the next ultimate, favorite, will-never-part-with-it toy.



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