As is our habit, we opted to take the scenic route to our next destination vs. the speedier way (a.k.a, I-81).  I love this part.  Roadtrip detours like this are when I get to see the landscape and what a state is truly made up of.  And this…well, this was going to be western Virginia.

After seeing the Roanoke Star, we turned right onto the Blue Ridge Parkway and headed south.

The fog followed us.

At times we could barely see the road in front of us.  BUT, there were moments of brightness.  In fact, at one point a deer crossed the road in front of us when we were going slow in the fog.  I slowed down to a crawl and snapped this beauty:

Look at how he blends!  I especially love that he looked directly at me.  It was such a cool moment…until Stella finally noticed what we stopped for and proceeded to bark at the deer.  Off the deer went and we continued on our merry, but foggy, way.

Then we saw these trees which spooked us out.

We promptly bid goodbye to the Parkway until a fairer day and proceeded down another road heading south, but at a considerably lower elevation.  Rolling hill after rolling hill of farms and small towns passed by.  And then this came from out of nowhere.

Oh western Virginia.  Smh.  You make me smile so.  I can’t wait to come back.

But I’ll wait until the fog goes away.



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