During our stopover in Roanoke, VA last week, we were looking for something different to see and somebody recommended we go see ‘the star’.  Not knowing at all what it was, we dutifully plugged it into Google Maps, hopped in the car, and headed over to Mill Mountain Park where this Star apparently resides.

Ha, it’s a star alright!  And it’s huge.  Sitting on top of Mill Mountain, the Star overlooks the city of Roanoke and also the Blue Ridge mountains.  Barely a 15 minute drive from downtown Roanoke so easy peasy to get to if you’re in town.

There is an overlook at the base of the Star which I’m sure on a good day, presents amazing views. However, as luck would have it, the day we went was really, really, foggy and we couldn’t see anything.

Well, anything except fog, fog, and more fog.

Interestingly, the Roanoke Star is a combination of three stars and it’s lit up every night.  Most nights, it lights up white but we were told that it can be red, white, and blue on special occasions.  How so very cool.

A bit out of the ordinary pit stop, I know, but I thought it was different and worth the break.  You can get here by car, no hiking required.  There are restrooms and vending machines if you want to spend more time exploring the area as well as hiking and bike trails.

Next on our list?  The Blue Ridge Parkway!

Things to know before you go…

1.Taking the kids? Mill Mountain also features a zoo and Discovery Center so they can learn about nature and the surrounding areas.

2. There is super easy access to/from the Blue Ridge Parkway. Mill Mountain Parkway, the main road to the Star Overlook, dead-ends into the Blue Ridge Pkwy.

3. I strongly recommend checking the weather forecast before you go. 😉



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