On Saturday, we’re hitting the road again. Wahoo! This time to Tennessee, with a few off-the-busy-highway side trips along the way.   I bought this old vintage 1920’s stove online and, because of its age, I have to pick it up and haul it back here myself.

The seller told me it’s heavy and I confess I’m a wee bit intimidated by this adventure compared to others I’ve embarked on.  But, I love any excuse to take a few days off work and go exploring.  Especially since I’m still new to this region of the U.S.  I love finding interesting sights and attractions and determining how to fit them into our itinerary.

The stove will go here:

LOL, I know what you’re thinking – you actually live in a cotton candy pink or baby blue painted house?!?  Nah, this is how they looked like when my sister and I purchased them last year.  The building had been neglected by its previous owner and we saw an opportunity to fix them up and live side by side to each other.  It’s been re-painted since then but I couldn’t find any newer pictures to show you.

That’s where the stove comes into the picture.  I love things from their original time periods and I know this stove will fit in perfectly.  The house was built in the early 1900’s in what was then a working class neighborhood.  I think this will fit it nicely.  Plus, it’ll go with the 1920’s farmhouse sink I bought last year in rural PA.  That’s a trip tale for another day.



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