I’m taking a beginners crocheting class and last night I completed my first project – a beanie hat.  Holy moly, I made this. And it fits.  It actually fits.  If you knew the limited extent of my craft skills, you’d understand that this is almost a miracle in my books.  I’m terrrrible at craft projects.  Even the easy stuff.  Even projects for kids.   Toddlers in daycare produce better crafts than I do.  Lol.

The inspiration for this sudden interest in the field of woven fiber textiles?   Well, blame it on my last road trip.  I found myself sitting in the passenger seat crumpling up yet another finished bag of snacks and knew then I had to find something, anything, to distract my hands on road trips or else I’d stop fitting into my clothing.  The options were to take up crocheting/knitting or exercise more.  So here I am in beginners crocheting.

With the hat done, we’re on to our next project which is infinitely harder – a shrug – comprised of front & back post double crochet stitches.  OH BOY.  This was as far as I got after an hour of class…oy vey.



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