I found a reason to love January finally – some of my favorite shows are back on with new seasons.  Woohoo!  Kids Baking Championship, Worst Cooks, Secret Eats with Adam Richman, Home Town

But I haven’t been able to catch any premieres and my DVR has been calling my name for over a week now soooo….what’s the best way to watch a TV marathon? With popcorn of course.

I used to love making popcorn this way when I was growing up.  This was before microwaves came along.  Man, after that, it was all about the microwave popcorn.  To this day, I still burn microwave popcorn.

But not long ago I decided to go old school and I didn’t burn any kernels and that was that.  I’ve been smitten with stovetop popped popcorn ever since.





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