As anyone who suffers through harsh winters knows, you can only handle staying indoors so long before you go stir crazy and then, no matter what temperature is out there, you MUST go out.

And so it was last weekend.  Despite single-digit temps outside, we went to the Science Museum in Scott’s Addition.  Scott’s Addition in Richmond is a mostly industrial neighborhood that is currently seeing an influx of artists, young professionals, micro-breweries, and all sorts of cool stuff to see and do.  And it also includes the Science Museum of Virginia.

First thing I noticed when I got inside is that it’s a very family-friendly museum with lots of kids and families of all ages wandering around.  The exhibits are all interactive and it’s fun to see science explained in, um, simpler ways for those never quite excelled at this stuff (uh, me).

Here is the giant pendulum in the main lobby area as you walk in.

But, being a new-found history geek since moving to Virginia, I came for the building.  You see, one day I was driving by and saw an engraving above the huge front doors – Union Station of Richmond.   Aha, so that explained all the covered-up train tracks in the area behind the museum.

Things to remember for next time…

1. The Children’s Museum of Richmond is right next door (literally in the same parking lot) so you can pop over into the other museum easily.

2. If you prefer to avoid the crowds, skip Fridays in the Spring.  The museum gets busy with school groups.

3. Instead, opt for weekdays in the afternoon (when any school groups have left for the day) or visit on Sundays when it’s usually quieter and you can spend a little more time looking at the exhibits.


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