We made mozzarella rolls last night and I went looking through the pictures to find the best one that showcased my amazing, drool-worthy, supercalifragilisticexpialido- cious culinary skills.  Or not. 

Ha, I was actually looking for the one picture that didn’t show the mess I made, or how I failed to pinch the dough enough and it all leaked out, or that it consisted of all store bought items and nothing was homemade, or that the recipe said it was the easiest recipe I’ll ever come across.  Instead I found this one and immediately knew I had to show it.  I love behind-the-scenes shots.  Whether it’s outtakes of movies or bloopers or whatever.  They always feel more real.

I still don’t have the courage to show my kitchen disaster but I’m willing to admit to my cheese mishap.

Oh, and they may not have been easy but they were darn good.


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