This weekend we had a lot of fun making real wreaths at the Berkeley Plantation.  They provided us with winterberries, boxwoods, cedar branches with blue berries, and all the fixings.

I’ve never made a real wreath before so I naturally made a big mess at my workstation.  We grew up with artificial wreaths, and fake Christmas trees decorated with years and years of homemade ornaments from art class at school, which of course my mom kept every single one of them in order to save money.  7 kids + 8 years of grade school ornaments = 1 very interesting looking Christmas tree.

One of the coolest parts of the day was the tour they offered before the wreath-making mess I made.  The Berkeley Plantation was home to one of the signers of the Declaration of Independence, Benjamin Harrison V and later our 9th and 13th Presidents.

The first Thanksgiving was held here and supposedly the tune TAPS was composed here as well.  It’s got a ton of history but the coolest part was a cannonball still visible in the side of the house from the Civil War.  The kids loved seeing that.   It sits on 8,000 acres of working farmland and has gorgeous views of the James River.

Things to remember for next time…

1. Be sure to sign up early – late Oct/early Nov – for the wreath-making workshop.  It’s only offered one weekend in December and seeing the holiday decorations in the main house are worth it.

2. If coming from Richmond, take Highway 5 all the way.  It’s a bit slower this way, but the lands & the houses on them at some places are ah-mazing.

3. The 1/2 mile road leading up to the house is gravel road.  It’s slow going but it reminds you of the slower pace of life back then.  I loved their caution sign…


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