I love touring old resorts, you know, the ones that radiate turn-of-the-century luxury and opulence.  I like to wander around the grounds and rooms imagining how it looked.  I imagine proper Ladies and Gentlemen strolling the grounds in their formal attire, with walking canes and parasols (because didn’t they all seem to have those back then?) and exuding a way of life and manners long since forgotten.

I think I have a new favorite.  This is The Greenbrier in White Sulfur Springs, WV.

When we left Chicago last year, I made us stop here because I read there was a secret congressional bunker somewhere beneath it.  I totally nerded out on that fact.  The words covert, secret, underground…don’t they all sound just so cool??  Anyways, the pictures of the resort beckoned me to it.  Okay, so maybe it didn’t beckon me, but I knew right then I had to see it.   Unfortunately, we couldn’t go inside at the time because Stella was with us.

But on our trip to Charleston, WV. this past weekend, we made a point of going back for a visit since Babygirl was in boarding.  This time we went inside.

Ok, I admit, my first impression when I walked in was that it seemed dated.  But the more we wandered around, up and down the numerous staircases, in and out of rooms, peeking in ballrooms, I finally began to understand that this was period-appropriate.  Of course it doesn’t match my taste, but that’s because this was 80, 90, 100 years ago.  In 80 years from now, I can pretty much guarantee people won’t be digging our current farmhouse/craftsman/ everything-must-be-white-or-grey trend.

I finally understood this beautiful gem. And then I fell in love.

Oh, and btw, my sister Jean has a thing about vintage chandeliers…

This one was beauuuuutiful…


I may never be able to afford a stay here but it was completely worth a second trip to see.  You all must see it if you’re ever coming down this way.

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