I ate this today and omg it was delicious.  I usually don’t eat cupcakes anymore.  In fact, I really don’t eat many sweets anymore.  I like to think I get enough sugar from my glass(es) of wine with dinner.  😮

Sadly I really don’t crave the 4 big C’s anymore (cookies or cupcakes or candy or cake oh my).

But THIS I had to have.  It’s my company’s birthday and some evil fiend brought a trayful into work.  I was minding my own business, passing by the breakroom on my way back to my office when I spied one solitary birthday cupcake sitting by itself on the table.  Btw, what is it about being the last one that makes you think “omg it’s the last one I have to have it or else I’ll never ever get to have another [insert food item] again in my life”???  If there were a couple of cupcakes just sitting there, I could’ve passed by them no problem.  Ugh, but I’m such a sucker for the last bite.

Anyways, this sweet creation was heavenly.   Between you and me, a tad too much frosting but, hey, I smeared off a bit and viola! it was sheer perfection.  And it did the trick for my mid-afternoon blahs that always settle in around 3pm.

Now, I’m not get into the fact that I started back on a very well-known diet plan last week and that I actually had a really, really good first week, but we won’t go into that now (as I lower my head disgracefully knowing calories do not burn off easily like they did when I was younger).

Regardless, I’m happily on a sugar high so I’m sending out a big Thank You to that evil fiend.  Not only are you a genius but dang you can cook.  I owe you one.

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